Question: Does Sysco Pay Well?

How much does an outside sales rep for Sysco make?

Salary satisfaction Average Sysco Outside Sales Representative yearly pay in the United States is approximately $64,957, which meets the national average..

Who is the owner of Sysco Foods?

SyscoHeadquarters of Sysco in the Energy CorridorIndustryWholesaleFoundedMarch 19, 1969HeadquartersHouston, Texas , United StatesKey peopleKevin Hourican, CEO Ed Shirley, Executive Chairman12 more rows

How much do Sysco drivers get paid?

Average Sysco Delivery Driver yearly pay in the United States is approximately $73,302, which is 37% above the national average.

How much does Sysco pay per hour?

Average Sysco hourly pay ranges from approximately $12.00 per hour for Cutter to $28.38 per hour for Trailer Mechanic. The average Sysco salary ranges from approximately $37,938 per year for Customer Service Representative to $160,850 per year for Tractor Trailer Driver.

Can a truck driver make 100k a year?

Although you might not be able to make $100,000/year off the bat, but given the truck driver demand, and with experience, specialization, CDL training and the right company, you can make $80,000+ on a trucker salary.

Does Sysco use automatic trucks?

3 answers. Auto, manual and paddle auto. If you slip seat you will have fun dealing with all the different transmissions.

Does Sysco offer a pension?

SYSCO Corporation offers defined benefit pension plans and defined contribution pension plans. A defined benefit pension plan pays retirees a predetermined sum upon retirement.

Do UPS drivers make 100k?

Ups drivers work 50 to sometimes 60 hours during the holidays so their overtime rate can exceed $54 an hour. They make 100k a year when they work overtime. … Less work doesn’t mean less pay.

Does Sysco pay CDL training?

46003 Sysco Free Class A Cdl Training Work At Home Jobs Refer friends, get paid!

Who is the highest paying trucking company?

SyscoTrucking Company Pay RankingsPay RankingCompanyPay Per Hour1Sysco$41.932Wal-Mart$41.353GP Transco$40.384Epes Transport$40.35107 more rows

Is Sysco a good company to work for?

Tough but rewarding job. Working at Sysco is a very challenging but rewarding job. Management is very deceptive, they will tell you one thing but do another, so be very wary of that. Money is great if you don’t mind extremely hard labor.

How much does a warehouse order selector make at Sysco?

The typical Sysco Order Selector makes $19 per hour. Order Selector hourly pay at Sysco can range from $12 – $35.

How many hours do Sysco drivers work?

12- 14 hours per day. Great guys to work with.

Does Sysco have good benefits?

At Sysco, we want every employee to have the peace of mind that comes from a comprehensive rewards package that offers a wide variety of benefits to help protect their health and financial security, as well as prepare them for retirement.

How many days a week do Sysco drivers work?

6 daysYes. Work 6 days a week at least 10 hours a day.